Friday, January 30, 2009

The Best of the Best

What a day...I have decided to spend two nights in New Orleans. You could say that I am resting for my half here on Sunday, but that would be a lie. I am living my dream. I left Pensacola after a good night sleep and followed I-10 West for 2 hours. Suddenly I had an idea. My Garmen showed that the Gulf Coast was a hop to my south. I got off 10 and found 90. What a drive. Shimmering ocean, a constant 50mph and the radio blasting. This went on for about 45 minutes until I needed to eat. Let me tell you, southern sea food is where it's at. I have eaten more food in the last couple days then I ate all fall in Vermont. But that is not the point. I made it to New Orleans and walked Bourbon Street. It was as wild and crazy as you have seen on Tv. After a shrimp dinner at Deanie's Seafood, I found some shiny reflective coats. Marathoners for sure. I strode up and introduced myself. Had a brief conversation. Decided I wasn't that impressed with these folk. The halfer in the crew was shooting for 1:08 and a win. "Good for you I said." He hardly even looked at me. I wanted to tell him that my dad ran 1:06, twice in one race. Oh well, no harm. When people tell me what they want to run, like 1:08, I snicker to myself. Because I know, that JD could have trumped them on one leg. It's almost inconceivable to me how good he really was. I mean, he is my dad. I have never asked, never complimented and never really cared. Well hopefully, my dream here....hopefully he will push me to my ultimate limit when I get home.....The miles are rolling and I'm in paradise...


  1. If your still in New Orleans get your but over to 1751 Gentilly and go to the races at the Fairgrounds. There you will see to United Puett gates being used. They also got slots there so you may get lucky.

  2. Mike,

    Enjoy your time in the Big Easy. Glad to hear you are beginning to get into our neck of the woods.

    Don't know if you plan on watching the Super Bowl.

    What does your schedule look like next? Glad to hear you are enjoying your self.