Friday, January 16, 2009

My Blood

I might have the best family in the world. Now I'm sure that many people say that, but I'm sorry. I, in fact do have the best family in the world. Ok, sorry. "In my opinion." Now onward. The Dimicks. I am a Dimick so I'm partial to the name. My two little cousins, Connor and Clay live in Marietta Ga. They have bounced around a good bit through they're lives living in San Antonio, Dallas, Massachusetts and now Marietta. Had that been my childhood, I wouldn't have survived socially. Now these two boys. I believe that they have done well. They have excelled in sport and grown to be fine teenagers. Both kids specialize in sports but can pick up a new game and become expert in moments. Funny story, this winter on a visit to Vermont they literally mopped the basketball court with my face for an hour. They have talent. It has been my pleasure to see them grow. They help inspire me each day. On a side to Connor and Clay. You may beat me on the court, pitch, mat, etc. But always remember! I have the trails, roads and ICE! See you guys in a couple weeks.

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