Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fort Myers

I had a great weekend in Fort Myers. The sun was out and this cold front I heard so much about, didn't seem to happen. Sunny and 70. I spent the weekend hanging out with my friend Laurie and her two wonderful girls Kaitlyn and Taylor. I had a blast, we ate out, went to Mall Cop, watched a lot of tv and cruised around Ft. Myers. The highlight of my time was watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I must admit, the girls beat me badly at the Wheel but I think that I did okay with Jeopardy. As for race number 3. I ran my smartest race thus far. An even manageable pace off the gun and 1:27:03 later, I cruised in for 67th place out of 1500. I felt solid. If this is anything to look forward to then things are looking up.

To this point: (18 days)
I have raise 2900 dollars.
I have driven 5088 miles.
I have run 110 miles.

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