Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fort Myers Boys and Girls Club

I arrived to Fort Myers several hours earlier then I had expected and began searching for a good place to run. Generally I search for parks via my Garmin. Today she found the Boys and Girls Club of Shady Oaks Park. I walked into the building as if it were any other building I had seen so far. Most of the activity stopped and I instantly became the center of attention. The complete population were African American kids. Its as if they could tell I was from somewhere else. But alas, I found the program director and started up a conversation. He was a well spoken man who spoke highly of his program. He showed me his Wall of Fame, which included several division 1 college football stars and a wall of National Championship Flag Football Banners. I could tell he was extremely proud of his kids and their accomplishment. He spoke of hard work and becoming a better person. He pushed education. His name was Coach Leo. I had a great time talking with Coach Leo and hopefully on my return through Lee County, I will have some time to watch his track team fly.

Boys and Girls Club of Shady Oaks Park

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