Friday, January 2, 2009

winter wonder land

Life is good. My New Years Eve was excellent. I had a lot of fun in Alstead NH with some friends from home. Partied a little to much, but its best to start the new year out right. My trip to Albany went flawlessly and I arrived with plenty of time to spare, ready to face the arctic weather. The horn sounded and I started running. I moved up for several miles and felt great. Whoops! Mile 8 hit and I believe I experienced muscle failure. Lack of sleep, illness, no breakfast and the Hung Over Half Marathon caught up to me. I died. I couldn't make my legs move. So I walked in the -2 degree winds. Several friendly people gave me encouraging words. One participant even pulled me along for a mile or so. I finished 18 minutes off my goal pace in 1:45:33 in 57th place, but I finished. Thank you to the members of HMRRC for your encouragement! I then traveled to Adams NY and spent the night with my good friend Troy and his wife Ami. And Bob the dog, who loved to run laps around the couch. I am lucky to have experienced such kindness so early in my trip. I can only hope that the days to come will bring me such joy. I am spending the night in Cleveland Heights OH at my sisters apartment. Bummer, she has to work but I will be back after a quick 6 hour drive to Chicago to see an XUVMXC member tomorrow. Cheers to all, thank you for your support!

The Hudson-Mohawk Road Runners Club

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