Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Beauty of Two Lives

I'm in Lancaster Pennsylvania visiting a Brattleboro Alum from the class of 99'. Rachel Hamilton was an excellent athlete in high school. She loved to play basketball, softball and field hockey. I believe she made varsity in all three as a freshman. After high school she fell asleep at the wheel and suffered a spinal cord injury. That was in 2001. Over time, with help from her family and a strong will she has overcome this injury. She currently works for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation helping others with disabilities find amazing careers despite their limitations. She coaches youth basketball at the local park and recreation department. In talking with Rachel, she expressed the idea of having experienced two lives. One walking and one in a wheelchair. She feels blessed to have had both perspectives. She sees the little things in life and is able to enjoy them. Life is never easy, it takes hard work at all levels to find happiness. To contact Rachel, email her at

Links: Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

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