Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Sand Sharks

I called Larry Kimball at 11:30 on my way through Atlanta to check in on his afternoon schedule. His response was. "Well, practice starts at 4! I can hold the boys off till 4:30! You gonna make it?" Hold on one second here. I'm running with your team. A group of young college kids who run all the time. This didn't sound good. Four hours of driving I pull onto campus. Ten minutes later we are running an easy hour. It was a breeze for about 6 miles. Running with a team is a hundred times easier then running by yourself. The kids chatted casually about all things that young runners talk about. Food, workouts, gilrs, tattoos, etc. It was awesome. I had forgotten how much I missed running with my UVM team. It was great to see that things haven't changed all that much and that I'm not actually that old!!!

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