Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bratt

Home is where your family and friends live. Brattleboro Vermont is an artsy town in Southern Vermont. We have a friendly downtown with several locally owned stores. In the past I've enjoyed our monthly Gallery Walk where local artists show their works in the stores on the first Friday of each month. I love the friendliness of The R and B deli gals who act as my personal therapists each morning before work. I love hanging out on the Stoop at the Flat Street Brew Pub. Although I've left Brattleboro, its still my home. I am proud to have grown up there. Its a strong community with a lot to offer, if your willing to go out of your normal routine and find it. One problem I have with Brattleboro, which I'm realizing is a constant in all towns across the country. The, I can't make it big idea. Or using the excuse...Nobody from Brattleboro does anything. With that attitude I can see why. I am challanging anyone who reads this to do something today. Go hike Wantastiquet, go ski the outing club, relax at the R and B Deli in Harmony....just do something different.

This is for all my Flat Street Stoopmates. I already miss you all.


  1. Nice oicture of Jodi and Frank. I like the reflection in the pint glass.

  2. I see you're starting your days early Mike, no time to waste I see. Congratulations on finishing the first race. I look forwrd to following your journey. You would have been proud of your home town tonight. A Marlboro film company had a local premier of their film about Wamgari Mathaithe, an amazing Kenyan woman who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her environmentalism and leadership of Kenyan women through the Greenbelt movement. You would have found this film at the Latchis inspiring. Looking forward to your next posting! -Betty

  3. meet you down there some time for a BBC steel rail.