Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's been awhile. I've left the comfort of Florida and settled at my Uncle's house for several nights. I feel like the first leg of my journey has just ended and I'm building the energy for the second leg. I've had a lot of time so far. Driving, running, relaxing and meeting people. I've noticed one constant. When I ask a young adult whats fun to do in their town, I get the response, "Nothing". I wonder why that is. My advice, if you are not happy or feel stuck. Do the leg work and find fun and adventurous things. They are out there.

Thus far, my two weeks in the North were cold, often times wet but everything was new. The road offered endless opportunities. Other then my races. I went where the road lead. Chicago was a whim, and it turned out to offer one of my favorite stories. My two weeks in Florida went well. The sun and heat tried to hide. I was blamed for bringing the weather with me. It took about 9 days before I finally found the sun. As for Florida, not that impressive. It's a concrete paradise. Oh, don't get me wrong. Florida has some gems. In general, not for me.

So, here I am. Marietta Ga. My atlas shows me a lot of ground westward. Not a lot of couches. I'm excited. I've got this itch that is willing me to go. I've spent three nights here but now is the time. North route or South route. New Orleans by Sunday.

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