Friday, January 2, 2009

The Beginning

It was the perfect storm. My life was ruling me. I was unhappy with who I was and needed some change. Winter, low gas prices, my need for adventure among other things lead me towards a pivotal decision in my life. I would choose to road trip around the country, running half marathons while fund raising for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. To make a contribution click here. My final three weeks after deciding to do this were crazy and chaotic. With the help of my family, friends, Father Rich O'Donnell and the Brattleboro Community this wild ride has actually begun.

St. Jude Heroes


  1. Yea Mike! I think I am the first to post on your new blog! Hope you can swing by Missouri on your trek around the US! My SIL Liz says you can stay with them if you make it to Oregon.

  2. ok, I was logged into the computer with Rebecca's account. So that was me on the earlier comment :)

  3. So how did the first race go? Where are you now? You need to keep us avid readers updated.

  4. I just posted about it on my blog. I hope you get more pledges!

  5. good afternoon Mike. I sat next to your mom and dad at the bratt hoops game. Your mom got the call about your race in west virginia(?) and now you are heading to NC.
    great luck, have fun, keep writing. You might want to mention a certain favorite neighbor once in a while. Peace.