Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Super Bowl

My travels have taken me to Shreveport La. I'm spending tonight with Zema Smith. Maren Bates' grandmother. Maren is one of the wait staff at my local watering hole in Brattleboro. So, the afternoon was spent with her brother Warren. We toured the city and I met some of his local friends. A pretty good day. But the real fun began later on in the evening. I was treated to a fantastic dinner. Stove top corn bread, hamburger soup and a cup of red wine. Now Zee was a real treat. She told more stories then I can remember. It was nice to listen for a change instead of talking all the time. The Super Bowl played in the background but I hardly paid it any mind. It was my pleasure to spend an evening with a wonderful woman who has literally seen this country grow into what it is today.

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