Monday, February 16, 2009

Half Way to Home

Texas has come and gone. It's been a long two weeks. Lots of driving, lots of the same scenery and not enough running. I've run into a little injury troubles. Nothing serious but it means that I will have to be more careful with my warm up and stretching. As for Texas. It is in my past. It was nice but I am ready for a change of pace. More driving and more country. Austin was a lot of fun. It is a very trendy city filled with young professionals. Not exactly my scene but I enjoyed it just the same. As for the Half. My seventh and midway point. It did not go so well. More troubles. A quick stop one mile into the race left me running in around 4,000th place. Any of you who know running, that spells doom. I wanted to run relaxed anyway, so no problem. After 13 miles of semi conservative running, I crossed the line in about 1:40. Sixteen minutes off last week. No problem...I have a great week ahead of me. Lots of driving and I pick up my little sister in Las Vegas on Thursday for the week. Good things ahead!!!

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  1. Jode on the road with MD spells trouble, especially in Vegas. Don't be a dumb bloke and leave broke.