Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Fitting Place To Be

I'm in Marathon Texas, about to head into Big Bend National Park. The country down here is amazing. Mesas, canyons and miles of plains. I am reminded of the old westerns with cow boys riding down cattle. Things have been going well. The Dallas Half went better then expected. I paced out fast following the lead woman for a mile or so. Realized that I couldn't hold the pace so I relaxed for a mile or two. Grouped with three other guys from mile 4 to 11. This was the first time I've run in a pack in some time. Reminded me of the long jogs we would take at UVM. I talked most of the way. I finished the race in 6th place. My time was 1:26. An improvement, but I still have things to work on. My training needs to be more focused and consistent. I need to relax a little more and enjoy all the wonders that there are out here in America.

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