Thursday, February 5, 2009

Davey Crockett Country

I found Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas. So they say. From what I have seen, it is about the same as everywhere else. Nice open country. Lots of farm land. The driving is going well. I find the miles go fast and I often loose myself in the radio. Today, I didn't have a plan. I saw some green on my map so I turned south. Crockett Texas. I found an antique shop where the shop owner told me about Texas Camping. A must do! So, I stayed two nights in my tent. Ratcliff Lake State Park was a nice eye opener for me. I read my book by the fire and slept well. February 3rd, my 28th birthday. I spent my birthday at Padernalas Falls. Out of cell phone service. It was peaceful and I was reminded that I need to do more camping. Another night by the fire. I celebrated with some red wine and my book. When I was turning in for the night, packing my valuables back into the car. I got a happy birthday visit from a curious armadillo. He ran from the underbrush, sniffed around for a few seconds and ran back into the underbrush. Maybe a good sign. Even the animals love to run.

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